Smart Multicooker REDMOND RMC-M800S-E

Smart Multicooker REDMOND RMC-M800S-E

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The REDMOND smart multicooker SkyCooker M800S-E is an innovative device, which can be controlled from any distance. A convenient and intuitive Ready for Sky application allows for remote controlling the smart multicooker operation.

You can turn on/off the smart multicooker from your smartphone, select cooking programme, control Reheat and Time Delay functions. The cookbook is available in the application for skycooker, and cooking any recipe can be started with one click.

The application also allows for creating and saving recipes of your own and calculating calorific value of products and dishes.

An undoubted advantage of the MASTERCHIEF LITE function is that it is available in the Ready for Sky application. If you prefer medium-rare steaks and the automatic programme roasts them more thoroughly, you can always use the MASTERCHIEF LITE function. It provides time and temperature adjustment in any automatic programme.

The smart multicooker provides 48 cooking programmes: 20 automatic programmes and 28 programmes with manual adjustment. A modern MUTICOOK programme allows you to adjust the cooking time and temperature (between 35 and 170˚C). The MULTICOOK programme makes it easy to cook dishes, that require pinpoint accuracy.


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